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The first mobile focused, fully responsive, quote, invoice, payment site specifically for electricians.

We are working hard with some of our regular electrician customers to build some free quoting and invoicing software just for electricians. No one size fits all, like yourtradebase or quickbooks or any of the other software giants. 

The plan is that we will give any electrician the software for free. This will be accessible from a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer so all you have to do is login to your account and you will have a dashboard of quotes, invoices and information on any outstanding payments you are owed or customers to chase up on quotes.

We want to help make electricians lives easier and their business more profitable and easier to run. Lots of people charge for this type of software but we plan to give the basic package away for free. 

If we build something that electricians really like we will add more and more functions to it and where possible keep it free, but if a small charge has to be involved we will make sure we do it in a sensible way with all input by the electricians we work with.

If you are an electrician and are keen to help us develop this software, or you want to try it out as soon as it is released please email and say "I want to try out Sparks Books!"

Sparks Books Features:

Mobile focused, fully responsive, quote, invoice, payment site specifically for electricians.

Set up your details

  • Trading or Company name
  • Company registered address
  • Company LTD/LLP/Sole Trader – number
  • VAT number if Vat registered
  • Bank sort code/account number (for invoice paperwork – and direct BACCS)
  • Upload Company Logo – or simply type the name of your company
  • Email and website address
  • Phone
  • EIC or Equivalent number if you have one

Create Quote

  • Auto quote number/ref generated
  • Quote to - Customer name, address, phone, email
  • For – works at address above – or if different insert address
  • Pre loaded company logo, address, phone, email, website
  • Quote mark up and amendments change labour rates/day/hour and materials costs
  • Quote details:
    • Labour
    • Materials
    • Deposit required – yes/no if yes – amount – how do we handle this??
    • VAT
    • Sub total
    • Vat @20%
    • Total
    • Button to Accept Quote/Reject Quote/Ask to AMEND
  • Email Quote to customer – as a PDF
  • Schedule work…

Create Invoice from existing quote

  • Search for quote by ref or by name or by postcode
  • Edit any changes required
  • Auto generate invoice number
  • Click to convert to invoice – only once quote has been set to accepted
  • Click to Email invoice to customer as a PDF
  • Payment button for customer to pay by debit/credit card
  • Payment due 7 – 10 – 15 – 30 days
  • Set invoice as PAID
  • Invoice template based on quote with customer address fields and company address fields
  • Legal requirements – registered address, VAT number, bank sort code and account 

Create invoice without a quote

  • Pre populated fields of:
    • Company name, address, contact details, VAT number, Bank details
  • Auto generated invoice number
  • Work/service details
  • Line amount – mark up check
  • Sub total
  • VAT @20%
  • Total
  • Set invoice as PAID
  • PAY button as above LATER

Dashboard –

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of sales figures, both total for the year and broken down by quarter, month, week, yesterday and today – toggle between to choose which you want to see. Top 5 customers and a list of customers with outstanding invoices and the number of invoices that are overdue.

Quick button links:

  • New Quote
  • New Invoice
  • Convert Quote to Invoice
  • New Job
  • New Customer
  • Diary work
  • Time tracking - You can enter start and end times, tag time entries (for instance, with a project or client name), and add time to an invoice.

Dashboard Format features:

  • SEARCH – name/invoice/quote
  • Schedule – job visits/work to do
  • £XXXX – OVER DUE Invoices
  • X number of  Invoices to email (£ total)
  • X number ofQuotes outstanding (£ total)
  • X number ofQuotes confirmed (£ total)
  • Dashboard – summary – total sales/unpaid invoices/quotes outstanding
  • Expenses per job
  • Materials per job
  • My Account details (EDIT)
  • Labour rate settings – PER DAY/PER Hour
  • Load regular products into database
  • Activity Tracker of everything done in the Sparks Books account

The Sparks Warehouse Team

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