Sealey - 2750LE Trolley Jack 2.75tonne Low Entry Rocket Lift

by Sealey

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£223.03 GBP
SKU 2750LE

Trolley Jack 275tonne Low Entry Rocket Lift

  • Twin piston Rocket Lift feature brings lifting arm straight into contact with the jacking point in 3-4 strokes
  • Universal joint release mechanism allows safer, more controlled lowering of the jack
  • Profiled lifting arm gives low clearance height of just 90mm x 390mm deep making this unit suitable for sports and custom cars
  • Heavy-duty chassis with strengthening flanges along the side for extra torsional rigidity under load
  • Fitted with heavy-duty one-piece hydraulic unit with pump-through action preventing handle locking at maximum ram extension
  • White saddle aids positioning under vehicle and safety valve prevents overloading
  • Supplied with foam jacking sleeve to prevent damage to the vehicle's bodywork and integral saddle pad

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